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Which Piano? John Lennon’s Imagine White Piano

John Lennon’s Imagine White Piano. Take a look at the film clip of John’s haunting and bittersweet song and you’ll see him playing an unmistakable white piano. The grand piano shown here is similar to the instrument  John

Which Guitar for Beginners is best: Acoustic or Electric Guitar?

A New Take on the Old Question of Which Guitar for beginners to Buy…
“Which Guitar is best for Beginners: Acoustic or Electric Guitar?” Parents of new students always ask us This question.  We usually answer that question with

Am I Too Old to Learn Music and Play an Instrument?



“Am I too old to learn music?” This is a common question for many aspiring teachers and musicians alike. The simple answer to this question is NO, you are never too old to learn music or

Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

Many people say they can’t sing, but this is rarely true. It usually means the person is not confident about the sound of their singing voice. However, with a bit of knowledge of fundamentals

How to Sit at a Drum Kit

How to Sit At a Drum Kit
The most important aspect of sitting at the drums is to keep your back straight. This gives you maximum reach and avoids the possibility of muscle strains. Start by

The F Major Piano Chord

The F Major Piano Chord Diagram

The F Major Piano Chord Notation

How to Play the F Major Piano Chord
To play the F chord, use the first, second and fifth fingers of your left hand,