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E Minor Guitar Chord (Em)

E Minor Guitar Chord

To play the Em chord, use the second and third fingers of your left hand as shown in the diagram. Strum all six strings.

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How to hold a Bass Guitar

For anyone starting out learning how to play the bass, one of the most important questions to answer early on is “How to hold a Bass Guitar”. If you start out holding the bass

Bass Guitar – The B Flat Bass Note

B  Finger Positioning

B  Fretboard Diagram

B  Notation

To play the B Flat Bass note, place the first finger of your left hand just behind the first fret of the 3rd string.

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Learning to Sing: What is Timbre?

What is Timbre?
If you are interested in singing, you probably have one or more favorite singers. A large part of what attracts us to a particular singer’s voice is the way it sounds rather

Bass Guitar – The F Sharp Bass Note (F#)

The F  Bass Note Finger Position

The F  Bass Note Fretboard Diagram

The F  Bass Note Notation

To play the F Sharp bass note, place the fourth finger of your left hand just behind the fourth fret of the 2nd string.

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Learning the Notes on the Bass Guitar: Notes on the 3rd String (A String)

The A Note Finger Position

The A Note Fretboard Diagram

The A Note Notation


The open 3rd string on the bass guitar is an A note.

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