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Sustain Pedal Tutorial for Keyboard & Piano

Using the Sustain Foot Pedal
When moving between chords, it is often necessary to lift one or both hands off the piano completely. This results in a gap in sound between one chord and the

Guitar Shredding with David Dowling: Music Space #12

Guitar Shredding with David Dowling
Presented by LearnToPlayMusic.com, Music Space #12’s special guest was rock guitarist, David Dowling. He discussed playing live and loud, and smoke and mirror techniques for easier guitar shredding! We’ll go

What is a Chord and How to Learn Chords?

“What is the best way to learn how to play chords?”
Beginning musicians often ask us, “what is a chord, and what is the quickest and best way to learn chords?” For someone new to the

Blues Shuffle and Boogie Rhythms

Boogie Rhythms
It’s easy to play a solo over a great rhythm section, but what do you do when it’s someone else’s turn to solo? A good rhythm player can lock in with the bass and

Ear Training & Networking with Pat Ramm – Music Space #11

Ear Training & Music Industry Networking with Pat Ramm
LearnToPlayMusic.com presents Episode 11 of the Music Space webcast – the live Google Hangouts show. This episode’s special guest was South Australian guitarist, Pat Ramm. We discussed the

Transpose Music – How to Transpose Music

Transposing Music
Transposing (or transposition) means changing the key of a piece of music. This can apply to a scale, phrase, short melody or an entire song. The ability to transpose music is an essential