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The Importance of Learning Music Theory & Correct Technique

Learning Correct Technique
When starting to learn any instrument, the most important thing is to know that you are learning with correct technique from early on. Without correct technique, you may be able to get

How Long Should I Practice Playing Before Joining a Band?

Music is a communal art form, which means that it is for the most part played and performed with other people. Joining a band can seem like a daunting experience because most beginners feel

Music Space Episode 2 – Different Sounds of Harmonicas with Peter Gelling

Hi Guys, welcome to our Music Space blog post for the week! Today we had Peter Gelling in the studio, one of our very own writers and an incredibly multi-talented musician. He talked about

How to Write a Guitar Solo When You Improvise (Without Sounding Repetitive)

What is Improvisation?
Improvisation in music can be defined as the spontaneous creation of a melody line. For beginning guitarists it can sometimes be difficult to improvise or learn how to write a guitar solo which does

Music Space Episode 1 – Ricky Horton & the Importance of Rhythm and Melody in Learning Music

A big thanks to everyone who joined us for the very first episode of Music Space! With our guest Ricky Horton from Jacksonville, Florida – a talented young guitarist, producer and song writer who

Music Space Pilot Episode – Guitar Fingerstyle and Strumming Lessons

Hi Guys,
I hope you enjoyed Learn To Play Music’s first ‘Music Space’ hangout show. I had a great time testing out the set and the equipment, and chatting with those who tuned in live.