Guitar Finger Exercises and Warm-Ups for Musicians

It is second nature for us to stretch and warm up before exercising or sports. It makes the muscles more pliable and reduces injury. When it comes to our practice routine as musicians, however, we

Music Space Episode 4 – Jazz Guitar Improvisation Tips & Techniques with David Innocente

Hi and welcome to the blog for episode four of Music Space – to those that tuned in live – thank you! Joining us in the studio this week was acclaimed jazz guitarist, David Innocente.

What’s the Best Blues Guitar for Playing Blues?

When we think of Blues today we really should not look at it as a single musical form. Since its humble beginnings in the early 1900’s it has undergone several stylistic changes and has

Is It Important to Learn Guitar Scales?

A very common question beginning guitarists often ask is:”is it important to learn guitar scales?” The short answer is YES!

Scales are the building blocks of music, as they are the tools for improvisation but

Music Space Episode 3 – Jason McNamara, have Guitar, Traveled Far – How to Make Music Your Career

Welcome to our third episode of Music Space, to those that tuned in live – thank you! We were lucky enough to have International musician Jason McNamara on the show, who is currently based

How Long Should I Practice Playing Before Joining a Band?

Music is a communal art form, which means that it is for the most part played and performed with other people. Joining a band can seem like a daunting experience because most beginners feel