Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

24 Easy Piano Chords in 30 Minutes with Leon Olguin: Music Space #14 presents Episode 14 of the ‘Music Space’ webcast – the live Google Hangouts show. Join host, Gary Isaacs, as he tours the big, wide inspiring world of music. This episode’s special guest was

Singing Tips for Blues, Gospel & Rockabilly with Andy Seymour: Music Space #13 presents Episode 13 of the Music Space webcast – the live Google Hangouts show. This episode’s special guest was Australian singer, presenter and voice talent, Andy Seymour. We discussed the art of how to

Vocal Improvisation & Interpretation – Singing Lessons

Vocal Improvisation & Interpretation – Singing Tips to Learn How to Sing Better
Every singer has his or her own way of interpreting a song. It is rare that two singers will sing a song exactly

Sustain Pedal Tutorial for Keyboard & Piano

Using the Sustain Foot Pedal
When moving between chords, it is often necessary to lift one or both hands off the piano completely. This results in a gap in sound between one chord and the

Guitar Shredding with David Dowling: Music Space #12

Guitar Shredding with David Dowling
Presented by, Music Space #12’s special guest was rock guitarist, David Dowling. He discussed playing live and loud, and smoke and mirror techniques for easier guitar shredding! We’ll go

Blues Shuffle and Boogie Rhythms

Boogie Rhythms
It’s easy to play a solo over a great rhythm section, but what do you do when it’s someone else’s turn to solo? A good rhythm player can lock in with the bass and