What is Vocal Range?

In general, female voices are higher in pitch than male voices, although everybody’s voice range is individual and there are many variations. The “range” of a persons voice is determined by the highest and

Why the human voice can be considered the ultimate melodic instrument

The human voice can be thought of as the ultimate melodic instrument, because it is capable of instant expression with no instrument required to translate thoughts and feelings into sound.

The voice is capable of

Common problems when learning to sing

Common Problems
When children learn to read, they usually begin by reading out loud before moving on to reading silently. In the transition period, they may read to themselves but their lips still form the

Pre-hearing notes when singing

Pre-Hearing Notes
A second principle of good singing is to avoid straining to reach high or low notes, particularly when your voice is getting tired. If you begin learning a musical instrument, it takes time

How to improve your singing voice

Learning to Sing
As mentioned previously, the body instinctively knows how to sing. Becoming a better singer is simply a matter of training and improving a natural process. As with any activity, there will always

Correct and incorrect singing posture

The term “posture” refers to the way the body is held (e.g., straight, slumped, etc) and its position when sitting or standing. For singing, it is best to stand rather than sit, as this