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Learn To Play Music Apps for Apple iOS Devices

We have released a range of music learning applications for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

Each App makes full use of our new HD video, instrument and score animations, interactive scrolling tab and multi-audio tracks to bring to music students our richest learning experience yet.

Play along with the full band, listen to the solo part or play along with the backing band once you are confident with each exercise.

You can use your finger to drag the tab over the sections you want to hear and see in more detail or set loop in and out points and loop seamlessly over a section until you have mastered it. If you want to see a lick played slower set playback to half and quarter speeds while audio is muted.

Use AirPrint to print out the notation and color information sheets which contain everything you need to know about the licks.

Use AirPlay to stream video to your AirPlay supported device.

Top Selling LearnToPlayMusic.com Apps: 

Essential Blues Guitar Licks & Solos    Essential Rock Guitar Licks    Essential Metal Guitar Licks and Solos    Essential Lead Guitar Licks & Solos    Essential Blues Guitar Licks


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Customer Reviews:

Essential Blues Guitar Licks & Solos - This App is going to be a killer!
5 Star Review 

5 out of 5 Stars

"Just picked up this App today and I am having so much fun! Licks are cool and the loop play feature is great! This app has several other great features! Super fun! Easy to use!" - joecoltsfan1

101 Metal Guitar Licks
 - Awesome 5 stars app!
5 Star Review 

5 out of 5 Stars

"This is the best guitar licks app for the iPhone. I have learned to play guitar thanks to your books rhythm guitar and lead guitar. All your stuff it's always been so professional. Thanks!" - Jimborata

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