“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
~ William Butler Yeats

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We’ve established this blog to help answer the questions you have about learning how to play the music you love, by giving you the benefit of our years of professional music playing and teaching experience.

Here, you’ll find all kinds of useful and practical tips, tricks and tools that will help you to achieve your music playing goals, as well as updates about our latest releases, special offers and LearnToPlayMusic.com news. We update the blog regularly, so you’re always welcome to check in, have a browse, and hopefully you’ll discover some great new ideas and approaches to help you on your music playing journey.

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Who is LearnToPlayMusic.com?

We’re a group of like-minded music and education professionals with a passion and goal to create the most effective music lessons we can – to help you learn to play the music you love as quickly and easily as possible.

For over 35 years we’ve been so committed to delivering on our goals, that LearnToPlayMusic.com has grown to be one of the world’s leading producers, innovators and publishers of music lesson material. Chances are that if you walk into a music school, or tutor’s room, or practicing musician’s studio, you’ll find one of our products on their book shelf, music stand, or tablet.

We’ve produced thousands of books and courses, across multiple musical instruments, styles, genres and experience levels. You’ll find our books, CDs and DVDs in shops, libraries, and music stores all across the globe, and our market leading range of eBooks and Apps, featuring thousands of instructional videos and lessons, available on every major digital tablet and phone, so you truly can learn to play music from anywhere!

Our drive to innovate continues as we build and expand our online learning software to deliver free digital lessons to millions of people around the world who, like you, are embracing their love for playing music.

If you’re a beginner just starting out, a home ‘jammer’ trying something new, or an accomplished pro looking to expand your repertoire, then LearnToPlayMusic.com is here to help you achieve your goals.


It’s our mission in life!


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“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”
~Albert Einstein

Whether you’re a beginner or a person whose been playing for years but feels stuck and overwhelmed in your music learning, we want to hear from you and help you with whatever is holding you back from making progress.

Learning music is 20% effort and 80% attitude, so if we can help you break the barriers that are keeping you from starting or progressing as a musician, we want to help.

Remember, whenever there is a problem you are stuck on and cannot solve, there are no stupid questions (only stupid people who make you feel bad for seeking help). Problem solving is part of learning, and we exist to help you solve your music learning problems.

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