Singing Tips for Blues, Gospel & Rockabilly with Andy Seymour: Music Space #13 presents Episode 13 of the Music Space webcast – the live Google Hangouts show. This episode’s special guest was Australian singer, presenter and voice talent, Andy Seymour. We discussed the art of how to

Vocal Improvisation & Interpretation – Singing Lessons

Vocal Improvisation & Interpretation – Singing Tips to Learn How to Sing Better
Every singer has his or her own way of interpreting a song. It is rare that two singers will sing a song exactly

How Long Should I Practice Playing Before Joining a Band?

Music is a communal art form, which means that it is for the most part played and performed with other people. Joining a band can seem like a daunting experience because most beginners feel

How To Succeed At Learning An Instrument

It isn’t all about practice…
If you ask most people how to succeed at learning an instrument, people will generally tell you that the key is ‘practice practice practice.’ While we do agree that practice is

Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

Many people say they can’t sing, but this is rarely true. It usually means the person is not confident about the sound of their singing voice. However, with a bit of knowledge of fundamentals

Learning to Sing: What is Timbre?

What is Timbre?
If you are interested in singing, you probably have one or more favorite singers. A large part of what attracts us to a particular singer’s voice is the way it sounds rather