Music Theory

How to Read Music and Scores

Knowing how to read music is a valuable skill for anyone involved in music composition, songwriting, performance, teaching, recording and production. Many instrumentalists are adept at sight-reading, which is the ability to play directly from

24 Easy Piano Chords in 30 Minutes with Leon Olguin: Music Space #14 presents Episode 14 of the ‘Music Space’ webcast – the live Google Hangouts show. Join host, Gary Isaacs, as he tours the big, wide inspiring world of music. This episode’s special guest was

Vocal Improvisation & Interpretation – Singing Lessons

Vocal Improvisation & Interpretation – Singing Tips to Learn How to Sing Better
Every singer has his or her own way of interpreting a song. It is rare that two singers will sing a song exactly

Blues Shuffle and Boogie Rhythms

Boogie Rhythms
It’s easy to play a solo over a great rhythm section, but what do you do when it’s someone else’s turn to solo? A good rhythm player can lock in with the bass and

Music Space Episode 6 – Sam Tritico & the Nashville Number System Part 2

Thanks to everyone who tuned in live to watch part 2 of our Music Space episode with Sam Tritico and the Nashville Number System! For those who missed out on the live show, you

Music Space Episode 5 – Sam Tritico & the Nashville Number System Part 1

Hi and welcome to the blog for Music Space episode five – thanks to those who tuned in live! In the first of a two part interview, Gary was joined by former Nashville guitarist, Sam Tritico,