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Piano Tips: Improving Piano Hand Coordination

Piano Tips for Improving Piano Hand Coordination
Today’s post looks at piano tips for improving piano hand coordination, including how to practice scales, playing with each hand individually and then playing with both hands together.

24 Easy Piano Chords in 30 Minutes with Leon Olguin: Music Space #14

LearnToPlayMusic.com presents Episode 14 of the ‘Music Space’ webcast – the live Google Hangouts show. Join host, Gary Isaacs, as he tours the big, wide inspiring world of music. This episode’s special guest was

Sustain Pedal Tutorial for Keyboard & Piano

Using the Sustain Foot Pedal
When moving between chords, it is often necessary to lift one or both hands off the piano completely. This results in a gap in sound between one chord and the

How Long Should I Practice Playing Before Joining a Band?

Music is a communal art form, which means that it is for the most part played and performed with other people. Joining a band can seem like a daunting experience because most beginners feel

How To Succeed At Learning An Instrument

It isn’t all about practice…
If you ask most people how to succeed at learning an instrument, people will generally tell you that the key is ‘practice practice practice.’ While we do agree that practice is

Which Piano? John Lennon’s Imagine White Piano

John Lennon’s Imagine White Piano. Take a look at the film clip of John’s haunting and bittersweet song and you’ll see him playing an unmistakable white piano. The grand piano shown here is similar to the instrument  John