How To Play Guitar Techniques: Vibrato and Bending

Techniques for the lead guitarist
Have you ever dutifully practiced your scales, as shown to you by a guitar teacher or in a book and wondered what is needed to turn it into real music?

Shred Guitar: The Art of Blazing Fretboards

What is Shred Guitar?
Let it be said that there is a certain mystique to the art of guitar shred. Indeed, the shred guitarist in top form appears to transcend mere mortals, to the realm

How to Play Guitar Chords: Tips on Getting a Good Sound

How To Make Ordinary Guitar Chords Sound Great
Picture yourself in this scenario: You’ve been learning guitar for a few months and you’re sitting in a room on a cold, bleak day holding a cheap acoustic

All About the Electric Acoustic Guitar

What is an Electric Acoustic Guitar?
An electric acoustic guitar is any standard acoustic guitar that includes a pickup system or on-board microphone. This allows the guitar to be connected to an amplifier and therefore

Upgrading Your Electric Guitar Pickups: Pros and Cons

Why Change or Upgrade Your Guitar Pickups?
Most guitar players will probably never feel the need to change pickups, and this is fine. However an experienced player who is looking for specific tones will certainly find it worthwhile. A

Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

Guitar Songs for Beginners
Today we thought we’d share with you some free and easy guitar songs for beginners. Throughout this post we’ve shared links to our other free blog posts, so if there’s any