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All About the Electric Acoustic Guitar

What is an Electric Acoustic Guitar?
An electric acoustic guitar is any standard acoustic guitar that includes a pickup system or on-board microphone. This allows the guitar to be connected to an amplifier and therefore

Upgrading Your Electric Guitar Pickups: Pros and Cons

Why Change or Upgrade Your Guitar Pickups?
Most guitar players will probably never feel the need to change pickups, and this is fine. However an experienced player who is looking for specific tones will certainly find it worthwhile. A

Piano Tips: Improving Piano Hand Coordination

Piano Tips for Improving Piano Hand Coordination
Today’s post looks at piano tips for improving piano hand coordination, including how to practice scales, playing with each hand individually and then playing with both hands together.

Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

Guitar Songs for Beginners
Today we thought we’d share with you some free and easy guitar songs for beginners. Throughout this post we’ve shared links to our other free blog posts, so if there’s any

Guitar Tricks and Tips for Becoming a Better Guitarist

Guitar Tricks and Tips for Becoming a Better Guitarist
We all want to be the best we can be, as quickly as possible, and when learning the guitar it’s no exception! Everyone knows the basics of

Pizzicato: How to Play Violin

What is Pizzicato?
Pizzicato is the Italian word for pinch, and can also be loosely translated to mean plucked. Violins and other stringed instruments such as the cello or viola are traditionally played with a bowing