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Guitar Tricks and Tips for Becoming a Better Guitarist

Guitar Tricks and Tips for Becoming a Better Guitarist
We all want to be the best we can be, as quickly as possible, and when learning the guitar it’s no exception! Everyone knows the basics of

Arco Violin Bowing Technique: How to Play Violin

What Is the Arco Violin Bowing Technique?
The arco violin bowing technique is the most common method of playing the violin, and simply means to play with the standard bowing technique. The arco violin technique can be Celebrates 35 Years of Innovation in the Music Education Industry

Over the Past 35 Years, has Transformed the Music Lesson Industry Three Times, Generated More Than 25+ Million Books & Video Sales and is About to Unveil the Netflix for Music Learning
Every successful company has

How to Start a Band – The Benefits of Jamming with Andy Seymour & David Innocente: Music Space #15 presents Episode 15 of the ‘Music Space’ webcast – the live Google Hangouts show. Join host, Gary Isaacs, as he tours the big, wide, inspiring world of music.
How to Start a Band –

Guitar Shredding with David Dowling: Music Space #12

Guitar Shredding with David Dowling
Presented by, Music Space #12’s special guest was rock guitarist, David Dowling. He discussed playing live and loud, and smoke and mirror techniques for easier guitar shredding! We’ll go

Transpose Music – How to Transpose Music

Transposing Music
Transposing (or transposition) means changing the key of a piece of music. This can apply to a scale, phrase, short melody or an entire song. The ability to transpose music is an essential