Many people say they can’t sing, but this is rarely true. It usually means the person is not confident about the sound of their singing voice. However, with a bit of knowledge of fundamentals like learning to sing pitches and rhythms by ear and a bit of practice, it is possible to develop a fairly good singing voice. So Can anyone sing? And sing well? With practice, yes.

Anyone Can Sing

Everyone has a natural desire to sing. It is a way of expressing feelings and emotions as well as telling stories and reminding us of important times in our lives. For some the desire to sing is an instinctive personal thing and there is no wish to share the sound with others or perform. The classic example of this is singing in the shower. For others the feelings associated with singing are more significant and represent a desire to be involved in music, whether it’s singing with friends, in a choir or with a band or orchestra.

Matching Pitches & Rhythm

Probably the most important aspect of singing and learning how to sing is to be able to sing a given pitch accurately for a specific period of time. Many people have trouble with this at first, but it is really just a matter of listeningpractice and patience. All notes used in music can be written down and therefore have a specific pitch and time value. Through practice and education with a good teacher you can learn to identify pitches and how they relate to other pitches in a song.

The best way to start improving your ability to sing in time and in tune is to copy sounds made by someone else. The easiest way to do this is to sing along with a recording of one of your favorite songs and try to copy the singer. The more you do this with songs, the easier it will get.

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