How to Sit At a Drum Kit

The most important aspect of sitting at the drums is to keep your back straight. This gives you maximum reach and avoids the possibility of muscle strains. Start by sitting with the snare drum directly in front of you. The exact distance is a personal choice, experiment until you feel comfortable with the position of both the drum stool and the snare drum.

Sitting position behind drum kit.
How to sit behind a snare drum.


How to sit on a drum stool.
How to sit behind a snare drum.

When setting up the position of the drum stool and the kit, make sure you can reach all the drums and cymbals easily without having to lean. Also make sure that everything is far apart enough that you are not in a cramped position. The most important thing is to be in a relaxed and comfortable position when you are playing.

How do you sit at a drum kit? Front View

Sitting Position Behind Drum Kit. Side View

top down view of a drummer behind a drum kit. Top View

How to sit at a drum kit. Stool position. Back View


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